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Writing is part of my resistance, Palestinian-Jordanian, working in humanitarian aid, refugee, social policy and protection. I love to cook, dance, hike, teach and practice yoga, and rescue animals.

My master-cleansing fast Journey #3

I have been looking forward to my third experience with master-cleanse. My last time I had this cleansing was winter 2013. So it has been almost 3 years I couldn’t do this cleansing as I was sick with my sciatica … Continue reading

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Diaries in Amman

I asked this man for a permission to take a photo of his bike and he accepted it. This Gentleman rides his motorbike from Kuwait to Jordan. But what I like the most at his bike is the sticker below … Continue reading

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احتفلوا معنا باليوم العالمي للأحياء البرية

   هل تعلمون بان الجمعية العامة للأمم المتحدة  قد اعلنت 3 مارس يوم احتفالي عالمي للأحياء البرية لزيادة الوعي حول الحيوانات والنباتات البرية في العالم. حيث أكدت الجمعية العامة في قرارتها على القيمة الجوهرية للحياة البرية و مساهماته المختلفة في … Continue reading

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جــمـــــــال مـــــــوســـــوعـــــة كـــلــــمــــــة مـــــشجـــــــر في لــــــغتـــــنـــــا الـــــعـــــربــــــــيـــــــة

 مشجر في الشعر العربي: تَبينت الدراسات الأدبية بأن العديد من الشعراء استخدموا كلمة مشجر في موشحاتهم الشعرية في القرن الحادي عشر والثاني عشر. فالمقصود بها تشجير أبيات الشعر وهو أن يُقَطِّع أحرف اسم ما على أوائل كل بيت من القصيدة … Continue reading

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My Second Master Cleansing Journey

Day 1- In the morning at 6:45am, I woke up with a beautiful scene of sunrise through my bedroom window. I went to my kitchen to prepare my master cleanse recipes . Recipe1 (water bath) I had 4 cups of … Continue reading

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Palestinian Right is like other people rights (Health and Water)

Yesterday, I passed to three villages close to Nablus city: Bureen, Madama, and Assera. The three villages have access to one health clinic at Bureen village. This clinic delivered 80 patients each day and it opens two days per week. … Continue reading

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Spiritual Thought

Reiki and Yoga produces beautiful results, we only need be open to the many forms it takes. We need to understand that there are three core elements involved in healing; fear, trust, release. When We learn to do our healing … Continue reading

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The impact of social capital on the human well-being: Refugees and immigrants (Books Review)

The phenomenon of transnational immigration at the United States is a complicated issue. Many of researchers start to acknowledge this subject by providing the framework for social, cultural, political and economic contexts. One of the assumptions characterizing migration: are that … Continue reading

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Spring Diaries

March 4: While heading to my office in Jerusalem. I saw many of Palestinian farmers standing in front of the Jeep checkpoint to pass to the other side of Jerusalem in order to harvest their trees … It broke my … Continue reading

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The clash within our families ecological systems (Books Review)

Each family in their own community has a different of physical characteristics, recourses and problems that may be different with other individual members of the family. The larger exo-systems and macro-systems provide additional conceptions that are related to the historical … Continue reading

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