My Second Master Cleansing Journey

Day 1- In the morning at 6:45am, I woke up with a beautiful scene of sunrise through my bedroom window. I went to my kitchen to prepare my master cleanse recipes . Recipe1 (water bath) I had 4 cups of water mixed with 2 tsp Himalayan Salt( ordinary no iodized salt).. After 15mins, I went to the bathroom once and I didn’t have any cramps or waves of stomach pain. After 15 mins I went again to the bathroom and I did the big thing (u know what I mean ;)) . At 7:45am I started making my second lemonade master cleanse recipe: 2 tbsp freshly squeezed lime juice, 2 tbsp organic maple syrup, cayenne pepper to taste (as much as possible), 1 cup water. The researches listed the best is to have 6-8 lemon cups per day (But you can have 12cups per day). This juice is really kill your hunger, if you don’t believe me, you should try it and you will see. My day at work run smoothly and I didn’t feel hungry, all I want is to have more and more of lemon juice. (It’s becoming my favorite habit to have this juice) . I went back home and did some cleaning, walked to the grocery store to buy more lemons, and water my plants. Then did some gentle yoga exercise and meditation. I felt more energetic and not weak…so far I don’t have any signs of hunger or headache.. Am just relaxing at my home and enjoying ending my first day and ready to have my night laxative tea .. Thanks for mama and my friends Samane and Natasa to check on me .. Habibatee am still alive and am looking forward for my second day tomorrow. Namaste

Day 2- After I took my night tea yesterday , I woke up at 4:45am and went to the bathroom then went to sleep .. At 6:45am, I woke up again and I sipped my new all-purpose drink (see pictures attached- and yes this my food for 10days- don’t be shocked ) .. My friends were worried that I might not performed well at my work. But really, this is a lot easier than I expected. I’m certainly a little aloof but, I can totally hold my end of a conversation just fine, and I have way more energy than I thought I would. Knowing the fact that I haven’t eaten solids in two days, and I’m not hungry. How weird is that? There is definitely something magical in my lemon juice. I had a really, really felt my head and my body are light and more more I felt focused. At 5:30pm, I walked toward my friend place and went together to the yoga class.. I was concerned if I did more yoga exercises , I will become weak, but honestly I felt having strength and I was able to be more flexible when I did the hatha yoga asanas, then my body was getting more and more lighter and I felt that am floating .. It’s 10:40pm and I just finished my seventh cup of the Drink. All in all, I feel great. Really great. I feel very in-tune with my body and observing/experiencing this process is kind of fun and ready to explore more. We shall see how it all plays out for the third day tomorrow. Namaste


Day 3 -Third day of cleanse, am still not feeling hungry and all seem normals so far … I went to Nablus today for a meeting and we drove for two hours, I felt sometimes nauseous but am not worried, this is called a healing crises and it will go away usually in a day or Two. Its all the toxins being removed from my tissuses and entering my bloodstream to be eliminated by my body. This will not deter me at all, am keeping trying it easy until these feelings pass and am drinking more water. Today, I am grateful to my friends Pamela, Agnes, and Taka to check on me. I got a funny message from my friend Taka saying “are you alive” …. Actually your caring guys all helped me to be more determenant and yes Takoushi am still alive and all is good and appreciate your caring. Off soon to meet my friends, and I cannot wait to welcome my fourth day tomorrow …. Sleep tights everyone ….. Namaste

4 days, what does it imply?
When am living off or normal food
But when I live off the “juice of la terra firma”
I feel time stopping, just for ME

Knocking back for those who I lost
Cayenne burning a hole in my throat
My stomach feels so empty
and that pepper makes my tongue burn

I run to the bathroom 7 times a day,
And listening to my stomach waves
But then I feel a spiritual high
and helps me get through the lines

But to make my fasting beautiful
Is giving thanks to the universe,
To my beloved friends and family
And to the light of my sweetheart Malaki

So am carrying on my cleansing journey
Blessed living Life .. if I can do it you can do it..
Free your body and your mind will follow
Lets do this for a better tomorrow Day 5!

Day 5- Today is my half marathon of fasting, more 5 days to come, cannt wait! I woke up early and had 4 trips to the bathroom. I always feel thirsty, even though I am constantly drinking water and lemon. I pee pretty much octo-hourly. But seriously I still do not crave for food and there is no sign for hunger.
I had the most lovely day, most productive day off. Working from home and going to capoeira performance with my friend Samani. Since the show was an outdoor activity, we could not stay until the end because the weather was so cold and we couldn’t feel our hand. Then we decide to go to la vie cafe and another two friends joined us. What I enjoyed the most of this evening is the discussion topics that was raised by the girls, we talked about movies, trafficking, domestic violence, capitalism in ramallah, on on! ! Am at home now so warm and enjoying my night tea. Yalla 6 day !

Day 6 – It’s 5:30pm (ish), Feeling energized and awesome and incredibly good on this cleanse. I have been so internally thrilled these last few days and it’s almost comforting. Seriously though, I’ve been downright cheerful. And physically, I feel great as well. NO headache and my body aches are gone. I spent time this morning working on my organic herb ‘garden’ (mint, rosemary, Louisa, Basel, thyme). And it was really relaxing to work with the dirt and plant life, to smell the potting soil, and feel the sun beating into me, and to sing (chanting) . . . loudly. I think I was actually meditating all morning.
Later— Today was really pleasant and peaceful, for most of the day. I worked and I spent the whole afternoon meeting to organize my tango classes for the upcoming year and arrange accommodation for my friends. Then I met mother and she looked at me and she told me “Wow, you look great and shiny. Your skin is all glowing and your eyes are sparkling.” I LOVE THIS CLEANSE!
But still overall, my good spirits persist and I love my lemon juice. I feel more optimistic than I have felt in a long time, and it must be related to this cleanse. The simplest things, like all of the Jasmine blooming in everyone’s yard when I walk, just bring me so much joy.
Soon movie night with my friends and ready for my 7th day. Namaste

Day 7 – Woke up this morning around 7pm and drink my smoothie salt, after 15 mins, I had waves of stomach pain which lead me to go the bathroom 4 times every 10mins …. But all is good, I only felt today cold … I think it would be the best to do the cleansing in summer time instead of winter time .. Because in summer it would be less cold and you can drink more water and juice… My tongue is still a little white-gooey, so I was obviously still detoxing.
One last thing I notice this morning when I went to the bathroom that I had the mucous that clogs our bodies. Studies stated that during the cleansing the mucous will be released through our nose, through our throat, and . . our the back, *ahem you know * and this happened with me 
At afternoon, I met mama and Baba to do some shopping and it was a productive day .. I bought more plants and finally got my chairs for my kitchen bar so finally I can use it to sit and work on my computer and have my future meals … Then we had a conversation about my fasting experience and my dad told me that my sister says Hi and she wants to check on my Roujeem (diet in English). I was kinda upset and told my dad to tell her that its not a diet and I heard some friends saying the same thing that am doing this to loose weight but its not … my goal from this cleansing is to clean my body from the toxic as well as to clear my thoughts and heal my self emotionally … But master cleansing its not only about loosing weight ….. Please remember this … it’s part of our healing process and believe me it will release your stress, calm you down, clean the negative energy, and unblock your chakras and on on
Later, I went home and did some readings and checked my emails and worked on my new plants and had a nap. Tonight, am looking forward to meet my female friends at my house and work on our projects (Knitting, accessories, etc) …. Finally, am welcoming my 8th day tomorrow and before i finish my daily diary, I want to share this inspiring quote on Guidance “The dark thought, the same, the shame, the malice, meet them at the door laughing, and invite them in. Be grateful for whoever comes, because each guest has been sent as a guide from beyond” (Rumi) .. Namaste
Day 8- So today has been an experience. I woke up totally relaxed and all my aching is over especially the area around my shoulder and neck. I am not tired anymore and my heavy chest (emotions) is getting lighter and lighter. Also, my daily trips to the bathroom is still on and on  …
Afterward, I went to work and we had the first retreat day in Jerusalem … Around 2sh my colleagues had a lunch break and I had to join them … While I was watching my friends eating their food.. Surprisingly my stomach was fine and I did not feel hungry or the appetite to eat food… But I enjoyed the smelling of the food (moutabal, hummus, grilled vegetables, salad) … wow I cannot imagine that am strong and being able to resist the food …. Finally, my energy was up for the rest of the day! For now, I will spend my evening at home, do some work and listen to a blasting music. Wow, I do not believe that I have not put anything in for 8 days, still more 2 days and will break my fasting, cannot wait!!! Namaste
Day 9- Wow am almost there and tomorrow is my tenth day, and that is supposed to be my last day in master cleansing. I feel like am completely detoxed and my tongue is back to pink, so I’ll break the fast on my 11th day for sure and will have my orange juice. I feel ready to eat. There are things that I miss. Mostly though, I miss the act of eating and the ritual of it. What I miss the most is my mum yummy food and a good glass of organic soya milk. I also desperately miss big fat crunchy sweet un-peeled carrots. . . Hmm. But that’s about it. In all honesty, I don’t miss food nearly as much as I expected to. This distance has really given me the opportunity to examine my relationship to it, though. For now, for these next few days and weeks, it’s retraining my appetite to enjoy simple, natural flavors. It’s about being mindful of what I’m putting into my body, and why, and the impact of that action beyond my immediate understanding. Hunger is perception. Nourish your body and it will, in turn, nourish your mind. That is what I have learned from my Master Cleanse so far . Come to me my tenth day…. Namaste
Day 10- My Final Day is blossoming with my hunger achievements: victory, strength and determination. Am sad that am finishing up my fasting today but it’s time for me to go on with my healthy lifestyle so I can gain more energy to give more… And I really miss cooking. I would like to thank all my friends and family who step up next to me during the fasting and for your tremendous encouragement words to keep up strong in this journey. It really means to me a lot. One of the blessing thing that I want to carry on from this experience is to have faith in yourself and with your own well you can heal and release all the negative feelings especially sadness, sorrow, guiltiness, and blameless .. I am more optimistic now and am looking forward to finish up my year with the crown of positive universe and we could be the change that we want to be!
So today will finish my last lemonade juice and my laxative tea. Tomorrow morning (day 11) will have only orange juice 4-6 cups, it will help in digesting and to prepare the stomach for welcoming food. On day 12, will keep having my orange juice and at the evening will have my veggie soup (sweet potatoes with carrots) . I have to eat vegetable soup for another two days and will have in between raw fruit…afterward I can eat normally but will keep having my lemonade juice every morning…. It feels freedom now and I love you Malaki … Namaste everyone
Day 11- Oh what a day yesterday, I have to admit that it was the hardest day to stop fasting! It has been a challenging experience; I think I had a revolt of detox symptoms: feeling really cold, nausea, and hungry. So I drank 9 cups of orange juice in order to feel better. All those orange flavors were swimming together making magic in my mouth! It was a sensational experience and I savored every mouthful! I did read somewhere that when you start ingesting food again it loosens a wall of mucous plaque that is then finally released.
Later in the evening I felt better and more balanced. I went to my friend’s birthday but I was not able to dance much because I felt that my energy is low so I decided just to sit and watch people dancing. I went back home around midnight and wrote my gratitude journal: an amazingly supportive and loving mom, awesome friends, encouraging and powerful books, good music, dancing tango, and adventures and challenges in life. Cannot wait for my 12thday with more oranges and veggie soup. Namaste
Day 12- Today is my second day to break my fast!
I had to work until 4pm in Jerusalem then I went to the market in Ramallah and bought more oranges! Afterward I prepared a big jug of orange juice. I made a solution (as recommended) of ½ CUP of orange juice and ½ CUP of water, and drank it up. And . . . It was pretty climactic. It was the most delicious orange juice I have ever-tasted, the way you would think it would be after not tasting anything for 10 days.I was really excited to have my first meal today a veggie soup: a sweet potatoes and carrot soup made by mum. I could barely make it through the plate – I guess my tummy has really shrunk. But, it was delicious (Zaki/Tayyeb in Arabic). And it stayed in my belly alright. Just a little heads afterwards, I think because all the blood rushed to my stomach to investigate the strange goings-on.

Tomorrow will have the same orange juice and veggie soup (for lunch and dinner) then on Sunday will start eating normally! They said after breaking the fasting a week ahead it is better to avoid eating bread, biscuits, crackers, and drinking milk!

For now, I have new resolutions for the next year: continue doing yoga, practice relaxation and, meditation, start a gratitude journal, live simply, choose to surround myself with people who love and support me, and cleanse my body when it needs it.

Mmmm…. Honestly guys I cannot wait to start cooking again! I miss it ….

And finally, I highly recommend this cleanse to everyone! I cannot emphasize enough how powerful and enlightening it was for me. Trust me on this, the cleanse is not easy but it is very possible. One more thing! If you do decide to do this and you have any questions at all please let me know also you can read this document (attached) by Stanley Burroughs that I always recommend to follow on when you do your master cleansing. I am more than happy to help however I can, including being mental support. Namaste everyone


About BentRamallah

Writing is part of my resistance, Palestinian-Jordanian, working in humanitarian aid, refugee, social policy and protection. I love to cook, dance, hike, teach and practice yoga, and rescue animals.
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10 Responses to My Second Master Cleansing Journey

  1. Nia says:

    Awesome ~ you’re doing the Master Cleanse again. I enjoyed reading your experiences with it. I’m starting it for the first time after the holiday. I’ve juice fasted before, so I’m very much looking forward to it.

  2. Nia says:

    Thank you, Leena! I am on Day 9 (yay!!) and decided to blog about my experiences with the cleanse as well. = ) Yes, I was wondering if you also used the orange juice to break the cleanse the first time around? If not, did you notice any difference between the first and second time going back to eating?

    • Nia says:

      P.S. I’m the same Nia as above. = )

    • BentRamallah says:

      Yes the best is to have the orange juice for two days then u start having soup broth only then eat the vegetables by itself .. The different between first and second time is that was much easier and am considering this year to do it extra 5 dats toal 20 days to experiment how does it go! How are you now ? Did u lost weight ? How do u feel !

      • Nia says:

        Thank you for your response! I decided to break it as recommended, and I’m glad I did! It went well, not sure I’d do it again though. lol Yes, I lost 9 pounds. Feeling great…I have continued to eat all raw since it ended. All the best to you, if you decide to do the longer cleanse this year!

  3. isam says:

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  4. Hanna says:

    LOVE your blog and your spirit!! You are so beautiful. Very thankful to have you as a Palestinian sister. Keep spreading the good word. I am also a Reiki practitioner and on my master cleanse right now, which is how I found you. Good to read your blog and your experiences in all the different areas. Love and light.

  5. sputterite says:

    Reblogged this on snowwhitesnotguilty and commented:
    Extremely helpful. Thanks for the info!

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