My daily experience with Master Cleanse

Master cleanse-Day 1- finishing first day, it was pretty easy for me, surprised at how much I enjoy the lemonade drink, and had no cravings for food. I was drinking 8 cups of the lemonade and drink water in between.

Master cleanse-Day2- I started the Salt bathing (4cups water and two teaspoons of sea salt) (which you are supposed to take every morning) and awoke to waves of stomach pains, felt the contractions of my colon. Know that if you do this you will need to be very close to a toilet first couple of hours in the morning. I took the pain as an opportunity to work through it with my mind. I spoke to Spirit and meditate. Later that afternoon I attended a yoga group and upon driving home with my friend at 6:30pm I noticed how incredibly alert and alive I felt. I had so much energy, contrary to my original thoughts that I would feel weak and super hungry.

Master Cleanse-Day3- Woke up thirsty. I knew before I started this cleansing I was very dehydrated, but surprised that after two days of drinking water I am still so thirsty. My roommate made healthy pasta with fresh vegetables and I was surprised at how poignant the aroma of vegetables smell could be… I think my overall senses were improving. Mid afternoon and night waves of bliss !

Master Cleanse-Day4- Morning waves of pain still felt. Able to take the morning salt drink, which really cleanses your body system, important part of the master cleansing. The night tea is the “agitator,” the morning salt drink the “cleanser”. The past couple of days I had a heavy weight on my left chest. Now the heaviness is gone, my healer friend told me that during the cleansing process, your emotional has been released wether its anger, sadness, etc. Mid day I had my first feeling of being weak and less energy. I had not exercised the day before and I think that makes a big difference. Yesterday I took yoga class and it’s really worked well with cleansing process. I think a daily exercise program really works within the cleansing process. As well as having a spiritual practice and meditation is very inspiring .
End of day had to talk to my family and thought maybe I should be quite about my cleansing my dad and mum are concerned on my health situation. I am separating myself from those close to me, as not attending my friends iftar invitation, maybe has a stigma of being anti-social. I realized this was just old programming and as I awake on Day 5 I got the feeling to go forward I am half way though.

Master Cleanse- Day5- Still woke up thirsty almost between 6:45am-7:00am. My body is getting a great re-hydration. I am finding it interesting how the drink is putting me on a schedule. As a self-employed person I tended to eat my vegetarian meals at various times throughout the day. With this cleansing system, I am finding that every 3 hours I take the lemonade drink mixed with organic maple syrup. I like the schedule that my body is developing. My skin looks amazing and my eyes are so bright. Used to the morning cramps and they are lessening. Yesterday I had my period and its less pain. Feeling good, motivated, still lots of energy, mind clear and focused, and ready for what is to come for the following days.

Master Cleanse-Day6-I drank SO MUCH water and lemon juice yesterday because the weather in jordan was hot.. I’m getting clean inside and feeling energetic. I know that my body is so much cleaner than before. Yesterday I met 4 friends at my place and we were talking about my fasting experience … I remember when they visited me it was Iunch time and most of them were so caring that they didnt want to eat infornt of me .. But we kept talking about the food like cazpatcho (Spain’s tomato soup), maqlouba (stuffing rice with vegetables) . I felt in this moment how am strong and It’s just willpower and determination. Then I had to tell them to change the subject because my stomach looks that it miss food ;).. Anyhow, I kept reminding myself that I can do it and still left more 3 days! I would feel so proud later when I am done. Also, my tongue is getting white . Does that mean I don’t have a lot of toxins? Well, I need to just stick this thing out for my own sense of accomplishment if nothing else.

This evening was amusing – I went with my friends to watch the shooting star (shehab in arabic) close to byader .. We saw a big Shehab one, it was so beautiful and has long orange light. Then we started talking about food again and it’s becoming more tempting. Anyhow I had to remind myself to stop thinking about food. But I’ve got to stick with it. I’m hoping that the next few days will be easier and less tempting.
Going to sleep, I’ve been freezing cold all day long! I don’t know because of my period or being outside late night in the nature to watch shihab. Anyhow, I made a tea and went to sleep and I was less cold .

Master Cleanse-Day7- I got up, had a nice workout and lemonade for breakfast. I was busy getting ready the first half of the day (cleaned my plants and fill its jars with more soil then water it), so I didn’t really think about food or eating. But then a friend of mine came from Palestine and we had a conversation on my fasting experience and he was interested to learn about it so I gave him the booklet on the master cleansing and he might consider it and do it one day. I was really happy when he told me to keep going on my fasting and he said that he was amazed with my power and my strong willingness. In the afternoon, me roommate and my friend went to Jabal Elweibdeh to have some food for late lunch (salads, kebba, fried tomatoes). Obviously I wasn’t eating and could stay with them all the time , so I didn’t have to pay because I only ordered a water and I watched them nibble and double fist while I sipped my lemonade. After that I went back home and rest for a bit to meet another friend for another healing session and relationship consultation. We were sitting outside and I was enjoying the breeze of the air , in a moment i was grateful for the universe that i am on my day 7th.. I have more clear thoughts, more determinant to give and help more, and more excited to continue more fasting if i could. But i was amazed how my body is corresponding to this system positively. Later I was outside with my roommate and my friend again in the downtown in Jafra restaurant , we were sitting night ended with drinks and more food for them to eat. I had to turn down an offer for my normal night tea and have a water. Needless to say, today was rough with my friend’s food presentation . But I powered through and am headed down the homestretch. In addition to all the temptation, I did get a lot of hunger growls. I don’t know if it was because I was finally getting hungry or my eyes were tricking my tummy. Ready for my day 8

Master cleanse-Day8- This morning was rough. I had a long night staying with the Syrian refguee camps in al zataari camp at mafraq. It took me out all night to hang out with some syrian refugees and learn about their journey trip to jordan and how they left their homes in syria. Most of them they came from Dar3a then the jo government settled them between 2 refugee camps either in ramtha and mafraq cities close to the borders, but mainly most of them were staying in the mafraq borders. I am speechless of what I saw yesterday, people live in the desert where there is so much dust and its not a healthly environment for the kids to live in. I didn’t go to the bed until about 4:30am and was thinking how it’s hard to be as refugee in a strange country not as is ur living in ur original home. Staying up all night with an experience of the refugee situation blew me off. I even forgot that I was fasting for my 8th day. Anyhow I am in the toxin-release phase of the cleanse day 8 so this may be a rougher time for me that the first half. My eyes were burning and I can smell any scent no matter how small and smell the sands in the al-zaatari camp. Sometimes I get a whiff of staleness and I wonder if it is me??? Farther from my experience in the refugee camp, and now being witness of my cleansing journey had inspired me to keep this healthy thing going as the refugees keep resisting to survive for having a decent life.. Well I am hoping and praying that within the three more days (counting orange juice-only day 11) that I will continue this cleansing in my upcoming days.

Master cleanse-Day9 – I can’t believe it’s already been 9 days. Doing the Cleansing has done some amazing results so far, with the most important one being almost still energetic .I had enough waking up earlier than I normally do, which is somethings I’m going to continue after the cleanse, and I’m getting a lot more done during the day. I got a light energetic feeling that carries me through the day. And still drinking lemonade juice always helps to gain some energy and it’s felt more refreshed. This evening has been pretty nice. I have had a bout of energy and good positive feelings. Feelings of happiness, having hope and becoming more determinant. Some cravings, which amazingly the lemonade seems to promptly take care of. Had little bit of headache late night, but my roommate was awesome and he gave a tea to make and added some maple syrup hoping that it would help to release my headache. Few moments after I am done drinking my tea , I went to sleep and had some Reiki and slept peacefully and my headache was released. One more day and I am done..
Tomorrow is my 10th day and I spoke with my friend, she said that since I am starting to pass toxin solids now that I need to stay on until I just have mucous only. Way more for another additional day and almost for my fasting journey to be done.

Master cleanse-Day10- last day of my cleansing system ! finished drinking my salt water that i get used to drink every early morning . Finishing drinking my favorite drink lemonade juice mixed with maple syrup, really will miss it..

For breaking my fasting tomorrow, I am still wondering if the oranges will make things easier in that department. I spent my evening hanging out with my friends and congratulated me for finishing my last day. I just want to say how incredible it’s been being able to share in this experience with everyone who’s been following along on my Facebook, my friends, and family. Thank you for your support.. Wow I just cannt believe that I made it .. Blessings

About BentRamallah

Writing is part of my resistance, Palestinian-Jordanian, working in humanitarian aid, refugee, social policy and protection. I love to cook, dance, hike, teach and practice yoga, and rescue animals.
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65 Responses to My daily experience with Master Cleanse

  1. Kayti says:

    hi, thanks for a beautiful take om the master cleanse. I am coming up on day 5, my second time on the cleanse, and I really enjoyed your journal. I think you had it right with taking the focus over to your spirituality and mind/body/spirit balance to give yourself strength.

    • BentRamallah says:

      Thank you Kayti, it is important to share this experience and am difinitely will do it again this year. Please keep me Posted on your fasting journey and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me. Blessings

  2. cindy says:

    Is it true that you feel amazing and you didn’t mention the cayenne pepper, did you use it?

  3. cindy says:

    And after the salt water flush how long did it take to feel safe to leave the house in the morning? Trying to fit this in my lifestyle…thanks for responding.

    • BentRamallah says:

      Well it’s only the beginning that u need to use the bathroom .. In the first 2-3 days, I had to go to the bathroom for 15-20 minutes. Later it will be getting less and less ..

  4. George says:

    I enjoyed reading your journal as I have started The Master Cleanse today. This is not my first time. I actually did it for thirty days a few years ago! Because I’m 53 (I was 51 when i did the month long fast) I felt/feel the need to do it for longer than someone younger. By my age one is super toxic! The hunger for me last time actually completely disappeared by around Day 20 I believe. By the end of thirty days I had lost all extra fat and felt positively amazing! I was so energized I drove my family crazy. Another weird thing is that I took up cooking during the fast. Weird I know, and difficult because I couldn’t taste the food I was making to see if it was ok. Anyway, I have nothing but good things to say about this cleanse. Besides ridding your body of toxins and excess weight it “resets” your taste buds to truly enjoy raw organic fruits and vegetables. They taste amazing after no food for so long! It also cured me of craving alcohol and cigarettes. I’m truly looking forward to this fast again!

    • BentRamallah says:

      George, thanks for the sweet sharing .. would love to hear your news every day , are you going to fast for 30 days as well this time? which prgoramme that you will follow? the lemon diet one? if you have the welling to do am sure that you can do more .. am going to do the cleansing soon but mostly this time to clean my thoughts and the pain that i have in my heart … please keep the spirit up and life is short .. just enjoyed it and its good to be crazy about this cleansing …

  5. Manish Kumar says:

    Hi, I accidently have entered your blog and found it very interesting and motivating too. Thank U so much for sharing your experience. I am about to Start from Saturday for the first time. Reading your journey has motivated me further and brought down my apprehension levels.

    I have two queries for you, if you can kindly inform :

    1) What lifestyle change or food habit change you are trying to bring to maintain the weight and cleanliness within.

    2) Did U undergo Colon cleansing during or after it.

    Thank U in advance. . . . Cheers and God Bless !!

    • BentRamallah says:

      Hello Manish, thanks for your message … yes the cleansing experience lightened my growth toward myself and enriched mentally and physically.. to answer your questions:
      1) I was vegetarian before and when i decided to do the master cleanse to test my body abilities but at the same time, i really felt that need to clean my body from toxic. After I finished it, every morning I have lemon juice with warm water and you cannot imagine how its really helped and it becomes a habit in the morning .. later after 2 hours I have a banana and cereal with dry fruit and nuts … as my break fast … during the lunch time, i make sure that i have only salad … and in dinner i make my healthy veggie meal … The cleanse helped me to be aware of my food and being selective ….
      2) Yes,the master cleanse will help in cleaning every single organ in your body and its really helpful but the thing that you need to go to the bathroom a lot but the result is amazing …. you will feel you are high and light .. i even remember the my skin get clear and my tongue was white …
      Trust me it might be hard in the first couple of day but at the end you will be ending your journey with joy and happiness ….

  6. Julia & Lama says:

    We are 2 women from Jerusalem who are doing the Master Cleanse for the first time, and we’re on our 5th day. We really enjoyed reading your blog and it gave us a push forward. We were wondering how many kilos did you lose during the fast, and did you regain them afterwards? It’s nice to see Palestinian women who are into spirituality and natural health.

    • BentRamallah says:

      I lost 5 kilo grams and gain after 2 months 2 kilos … Good luck with ur master cleanse and the result will be great cant wait to do my master cleanse again for this year .. Ask me if u have any questions! Blessings

      • Julia & Lama says:

        hi again. its julia,i am on the 8 th day now ,and my breath isnt good at all ,do u have any experience with people who have ashtma and did the cleanse ?. i did the it since it says that it cleans the body from the toxins .i was hoping for relieve ..thanks

      • BentRamallah says:

        Hey Julia , no I don’t have any problem with breathing … Are u practicing reiki ? This would be good for you … Make sure to have a lot of water and the tea ! You r almost there maybe ur body is corresponding for something positive… Will send u come positive energy just make sure to rest and hopefully there is no pet around or something dust …. Tell me how do u feel tomorrow and will see … U not taking medication at all right ! Blessings

  7. Leace says:

    I’m on day 2 of the cleanse and I cannot stop thinking about food, but haven’t gave in any tips to how to stick to the diet,

    • BentRamallah says:

      Leace, the first 3 days is the hardest but try to convince your mind that ur food is ur lemon diet and it will accepted .. Have a strong well and determination .. U r not alone and many people experienced this . Blessings

  8. Mahar says:


    I was searching for information about the master cleanse, and I came across this blog. This is really impressive. I was just wondering whether you have tried this in Palestine or abroad. Also, if you have any idea where I can find the ingredients in Palestine, such as sea salt, laxative herb tea, and the pure maple syrup….

    I would appreciate your help… many thanks :))

    • BentRamallah says:

      Hey Maher,
      Yes I tried it while I were in Jordan …. where do you live in Palestine? I am going to do the master cleanse sometimes in April in Palestine but this time for 15 days. In Ramallah, you might find everything the sea salt. The tea, you can use the Regime tea called Royal and you might find it anywhere as well … as for the maple syrup you might find it in Zabaneh market or you can find at Max market in Ramallah. Blessings

      • Mahar says:

        I live in Ramallah too. I was wondering about the organic maple syrup. I will check it out this week. Thank you a lot for your help, and best of luck in your next experience 🙂

        And btw, it is ma7ar not maher 🙂

  9. tabs says:

    Hey pls tel me hw did u do after finishing its my 2nd day n worried wil I pick up weight later n hw much weight did u lose

    • BentRamallah says:

      It went really after I finish , make sure to have orange juice after 10days for three days then have vegetables soup for three days then start eating food make sure to avoid having bread or biscuits … I lost 5 kg but I gain later 2 kg…

  10. Bashar says:

    Hey, I enjoyed reading your experience with the Lemon master cleanse program. I actually do it twice a year. Am on it now in my sixth day. Usually I do it for 15 days and have been doing it for the past three years. It’s amazing. Are you in a youga group, if so please share at my email. Name is Bashar Hàddäd Basharghaddad@ gmail. Com. Thanks for sharing.

  11. ADart says:

    I loved your blog. This is my second time doing the master cleanse. Fist time goal was 7 days and I made it 8. I did raw food for 3 weeks after then vegan for 3 and back to vegetarian. I felt great! This time I am planning for 21-40 and will see how my body feels.

  12. Andy says:

    Well Done! I loved your story. I literally got scared when I heard people talking about the dangerous consequences of the master cleanse. However, now I think it’s not that much scary. As it seems you are quite health conscious, just like me, you can try a natural lemon detox drink called VidaThin. This drink will work as a supplementary element, keep your system clean without fasting and offer all essential nutrients to your body. I have been drinking it. Thankfully, it has been working quite favorably.

    • BentRamallah says:

      I don’t think that we have this supplement at my region but thanks for the sharing … It’s always worth to try the master cleanse again where it test ur abilities and ur strength this why its so good to fast …

  13. Julie says:

    Hey! thanking for sharing this!! Today is day 1 of the master cleanse and I had the salf water and only managed to drink about 3/4 of it. I was trying to keep it down but after 15-30 minutes I vomited.. Do you have any tips of making the salt water easier to drink? like drinking it faster or slower? warm or cold? I really don’t want to replace it with the tea as I want to do this the right way if I am doing it.


    • BentRamallah says:

      Hey Julie, perhaps you are making the salt stronger!! For 4 cups, i only had 3 small tea spoons .. I normally had it with cold water … u might feel less taste … if you vomit then its better for you to have the tea .. let me know how it goes with you!!!

  14. chantain says:

    I’m on day 2 and rather hungry, this is my second time doing it so I know the resuls will be well worth it. Thanks for the inspiration

  15. Tamara says:

    Hi I have a question I am on Day 4 and my tongue is white how many days did it take for your tongue to turn back pink. And thank you for telling us about your experience.

    • BentRamallah says:

      Hey Tamara, Your tongue color will be back to pink when you go to normal eating … so you have to wait until day 10 and you will start having orange Juice and some food .. so by this time you will be fine … so donot worry about … your body is starting to be clean 🙂

  16. Mahar Musleh says:

    Good morning ..
    I started with the master cleanse today. However, I vomited all the water and salt that I drank in the morning. Is that okay? Do I need to continue drinking salt and water, or can I just skip this step?

    Thank you very much 🙂

    • BentRamallah says:

      Mahar, how much you put salt into your water? you need to have 4 cups of water adding to it 2-3 table tea spoon!
      yes you can skip having salt water instead you can take the lactive tea ! keep me posted if you need anything!

  17. Danish Khan says:

    Hello BentRamallah, very inspiring post indeed. After doing a lot of research and bumping onto your blog, I was bound to take up on the MC program but hesitated due to several health issues currently experiencing. Over six months ago, I did 2 Liver/Gallbladder cleanses followed by Colon Hydrotherapy as per Dr. Andreas Moritz and Dr. Hulda Clark’s cleansing recipes and have already lost a lot of weight since (from 180 lbs down to 130 lbs now).. I have autoimmune disorder (fatigue, arthritis, mucus, itchy skin, gallstones, liver mass, fatty lymph, carpel tunnel, sleeplessness and general overall body pain and aches) and not sure if this MC would work for me without losing more weight since I have become very skiinny. Can you shed any light on this in relation to my conditions, if at all you have experienced or heard from. By the way, I am already on whole food diet since 2 weeks now but occasionally skipping to other “non-healthy” foods. Thanks.

    • BentRamallah says:

      Danish, are you taking medication? If so then the best is not to do the MC but you can start having lemon juice with warm water every morning ! And eat less food and make sure to drink a lot of water by time you will see how is your body react and then u decide! Thanks

      • Danish Khan says:

        I haven’t taken any medications for over a year now and do take lemon juice and drink lot of water every day. I went ahead and tried the MC for 5 days three weeks ago. I not only got sick to my stomach, but also very weak and lost lot of muscle mass. I stopped immediately and gradually started back on my regular healthy diet to gain back some weight. Gosh! my bones were sticking out all over and looked embarrassingly horrible. Realized that MC is mainly good for losing weight for rather overweight and obese people and does little for initial colon or body cleansing. On the contrary, liver/gallbladder flushing along with colonics and proper diet does wonders without losing much weight, does not require days of fasting and shall start next month, Insha-Allah,

  18. phina says:

    hello 🙂 is it required to drink the 4 cups of sea salt water every morning? or 1 cup may do? thank you 🙂

  19. Heather says:

    Is it true that you can’t control your poop? Because I’m starting mine on Monday and I’m afraid because ill be going to school. And don’t really want to be the girl that pooped her pants or goes to the bathroom for a whole period.

    • BentRamallah says:

      Heather u can control it .. The only time that u have to go to the bathroom many times is early in the morning (only for the first 3 days) and then it would become less and less .. I would suggest that u start on ur weekend as a start then see how it goes but definitely u can control it.. Cheers

  20. samantha says:

    Do you reccomend this cleanse for teens that are hoping to loose 10 pounds?

  21. Hi,

    This is very great post. I feel strongly about it and love reading more on this topic.
    It is highly helpful for me. Massive thumb up for this blog publish!

  22. cora says:

    Hi, this is my first time for this master cleanse program and i am now in my 5th day, and I hope I can survive the next 5 as i am feeling hungry now. It’s just that I have committed to finish the 10 days that keeps me going.

    • BentRamallah says:

      Cora you are not alone in this journey, many people did it including me! The joy of this cleansing is the hunger so treat urself as this a gratitude and u will be happy with outcomes eventually! Sending you good vibes. Blessings

  23. Kate says:

    Thank you for your journal. I am on Day 5 and have already lost 15 lbs- although I am in need of much more weight loss, I am more interested in the detox of my body. I am not sure how the transition back to solid goods will go, and I plan to continue the cleanse as long as my body tells me it can. Blessings to you from America!

  24. Tiffany says:

    Appreciate the journal, thank you for sharing! I am on day 6 and I have found that I have plateaued. I have not lost anyhing the last two days. I have been dinking approximately 7 glasses of the lemonade with only one tablespoon of the maple syrup in hopes to lose more weight. I did the math and I came up with approximately 400 calories per day. I haven’t been taking in any extra water. I fear that I have put my body in a starvation mode. I decided today that I would try the full strength version (two tbsps of maple syrup) and have added water in hopes to start losing again. Have you had any experience with this, or have any insight?

    Thank you for your time and help!
    Blessings from America!

    • BentRamallah says:

      Tiffany, please please follow the instruction make sure to have for each cup 2tbs of lemon and 2tbs maple syrup .. This will not make you fat and drink a lot of water… Maybe your body need time to loose weight but don’t take this cleansing as a reason to loose your weight … The reason of doing master cleansing is to clean toxic, help u emionally, if think that u want to do this to loose weight then you are deceiving ur mind .. Just let it go and let ur body cope with it and you will find what’s the results .. Just take it as positive way and make sure to have the tea at night .. And do some yoga exercise and meditation. Namaste

  25. Mary says:

    I bumped on to your blog by accident and I really enjoyed reading your journal. I have been on the MC 3 times since July, 2013. I have a crushed vertebrae,T11, from a car accident. Been on a TLSO metal brace since Feb 2013 and can’t move much. The weight just kept pilling on and the heavy narcotic pain relievers made me worry about my liver. The first time I did the MC was horrible but wonderful at the end. I was with more energy, my skin looked brighter and I was able to stop depending on the pain relievers. I still wear my metal brace but since I lost 20lbs, my spine doesn’t hurt or “poke me” when I move around. I really appreciate your insights on the spiritual and mind cleansing that you expirienced. I will focuse on that when I do the MC again next month. Thank you for the informative journal. It gave me validation for wanting to do the MC and that I wasn’t “crazy” for wanting to fast.

  26. Armand says:

    I just wanted to mention that it is dangerous to cut down on the maple syrup to ‘save calories’. a diet under 700 calories per day can lead to cardiac erythmias which can be quite dangerous.

    I’m starting my MC today and I’m trying to make it for a month. I’ve done the MC in the past but haven’t gone for that long. Love this blog BTW

    • BentRamallah says:

      Thanks for ur post just for clarification that I didn’t mention in my blog to cut the maple syrup .. I wanna do the MC for one month but my family are friends are afraid on my health status .. But this is one of my goal to do it one month ! Let me know how does it go with us MC!

      • Armand says:

        someone else mentioned it (cutting back on syrup) in a reply so I just thought I would mention it as an FYI. I’m on day 2 now and I’ve been ok with the exception of the occasional hunger pangs. I tried this back in 2008 but only last 4 days. I am in a better situation to do it this time. I’m also doing Bikram yoga and I’ve been practicing for 5 years already so together I know I am going to get amazing results.

  27. Sharon says:

    So glad that I came across ur journal of the MC. Today is day 4 for me and I feel GREAT!! I went vegan 3wks prior to the cleanse so I lost 16lbs. My weight has remained stable since I’ve started the MC which I’m happy about because I’m at 122 and don’t want to lose anymore weight. I actually gained a pound. I stared the MC not for wight lost but to rid my body of toxins and to retrain my taste buds since I’m going to continue a vegan diet. Before the MC I was always tired and suffered from migraines/ headaches daily. I have not had a headache/migraine since I’ve started eating healthier. This is my main reason for sticking the MC out is for the benefits I’ve been getting from it. I’m less tired and up 3hrs earlier than usual and go to bed much later. I’m amazed at how much energy I have! My only concern is that I’m not having as many bowel movements as I anticipated. The first 2 days were frequent but now it has slowed down and seem more like diarrhea or if any at all. Is this normal and should I be concerned?
    Thank you so much:)

  28. Armand says:

    Day 7 here and still going strong. I have my moments but am determined to press on with it. I’ve lost 10 or so pounds so far.

  29. You’re so awesome! I don’t think I have read throuugh a single thing like this before.
    So nice to discover another person with genuine thoughts on this subject matter.

    Really.. many thanks for stsrting this up. This website is one thing
    that is needed on tthe internet, someone with a little originality!

  30. BentRamallah says:

    Its never been painful.. Its challenging but the outcome is fruitful.

  31. BentRamallah says:

    The information was based from different resources and I also talked with others who tried it so I was inspired to do … its worth to try … cheers

  32. Nola says:

    Thank you for the life saving work you are doing, may God bless you more abndantly.
    It’s 10pm, day 4 on the master cleanse. The testimonies of my beloved 91 year old and my treasured Aunt plus the gift book on MC grandpa really motivated me to do the cleanse.

    It’s been amazing so far with many positive results. I have lost some kg even though I’m not so overweight (34 years old, 60kg, 1’68 in height, 4 pregnancies), only have doublings of stretch marks and around 1kg extra on my belly and other extra kg from my weight down. I am very conscious of the things I eat (Herbalist and almost completely a vegetarian) but I and my family have been having different health issues since we moved to another country.
    I expelled some dead, white worms of about 10 cm long, my eyes got brighter, I feel surprisingly energetic, need less sleep, more relaxed and much more tolerant with the children.

    But I must confess that I feel like dropping it, not from hunger ‘cos it does not exist aslong as I take enough lemonade mix, but from mental tiredness. I also thought I could do just 4 days and then MC in another two weeks and go on for 2 months or thereabout.

    I didn’t read it in the book, but ask myself if you could kindly enlighten me on the risks associated with abandoning the MC halfway.

    Many thanks in advance.


  33. Thank you for sharing your story! Many people don’t make it past 3 days! I’m glad that you included the spiritual aspects that you experienced…this is not just a body journey…the mind and soul are also taken for a ride!
    With the way our eating habits are in this country, I hardly know anyone that has eaten a healthy diet since birth. That being said, most people could use a detox/cleanse to relieve themselves of all the built up toxins and crap from all the processed foods and junk that they eat.
    For most, the 3rd day of detoxing is the absolute worst (ESPECIALLY if you are a coffee addict like I used to be…the headaches/backaches made me fail twice with this cleanse). It’s actually recommended that you ease into a juice cleanse by eating produce (fruits and veggies only) for two days leading up to the cleanse, then 2 days after to break the fast and ease yourself back onto normal foods.
    In addition, while fasting, it’s best to make sure that you’re releasing the toxins built up in your colon! For most, this means an enema within the first few days, then maybe another in a few days depending on the body aches and pains. Also drinking lots of water to help flush the toxins out…you wouldn’t believe how many of us are severely dehydrated…in fact, many mistake thirst pangs for hunger pangs! Most people actually don’t get past 3 days without caving in. I used to be one of those people! Anywho, while there are many horror stories (especially after the 3rd day) there are also many beautiful accounts of fasts lasting weeks and months to dig to the foundation of health/body issues and hard to break food habits. Much love to you!

  34. Good Job. I started the cleanse too and I will be blogging my experience on my blog. Thanks for motivating. me. How did you maintain the weight you lost after the master cleanse?

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