Sedo (Grandfather) Remembering you

In the anniversary of Mother’s Day, my memory captured a person who has had a strong effect in my life, and he was my grandfather. Unfortunately, he passed away seven years ago. I remembered that the last time I met him was in our house in Ramallah. He came to my house to eat the lunch. I felt at that time that there was something wrong will happen to him. Suddenly, he told me in briefly “my lovely granddaughter, take care of your family and be yourself”. Then after two days, the hospital called me and said that my grandfather had a heart attack and he passed away. I felt overwhelmed with sadness and I said “oh my god what I am going to do without him, he is my life”.

I grew up in Jordan and I stayed with my family. My mother’s parents passed away before I born. But my father’s parents were still alive. Right now, they are living in Palestine. My grandfather was always visiting us each summer when we were in Amman. He was about 62 years old, thin. I always liked his Palestinian tradition clothing such as Hatta (white well known Arabic piece of cloth striped in black) and Eqal which is black in color, circle the Hatta around the top of the head. Moreover, he wore Qumbaz and Sirwal which are long white pants that are often very wide from the thigh bone down and up very narrow by the ankle.

One the other hand, my grandfather was a poet. He wrote many poems like home, children, and nature. Besides, He was singer and playing Al-Rababah (popular string instrument widely known in various parts of Palestine). He used to perform in many traditional festivals either in villages or cities in Palestine. I really enjoyed watching and listening to his performance.

My grandfather had a big impact at my life. He taught me many things especially how to play El- Rababah and how to write poems. Besides, he was always able to listen to me when I need him. He shared with me his experiences so I could learn from it. He was a wise man and he taught me that the life is always full with hope and we should fight for justice. I truly believed that my grandfather was the most important person to me. His presence still in my image, I’ll never forget him because his life was for me as a treasure and it enrich me with passion and dignity. Now I am following my grandfather advices. He is my hero and my lovely fan artist. I really miss him and I always will.


About BentRamallah

Writing is part of my resistance, Palestinian-Jordanian, working in humanitarian aid, refugee, social policy and protection. I love to cook, dance, hike, teach and practice yoga, and rescue animals.
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