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البقاء في ذكرى النكبة

سأظل أحفر اسم فلسطين واسم طفلي وحبيبي وأنا أناضل في الأرض في الجدران في الأبواب في شرف المنازل في هيكل العذراء في المحراب في طرق المزارع في كل مرتفعٍ ومنحدر ومنعطف وشارع في سجن في زنزانة التعذيب في عود المشانق … Continue reading

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Middle East Expedition and Volunteerism

The culture of volunteering is essential in the Middle East (ME), as it is in any civilization, and should be at the center of social practice at the regional level. Yet, should one take a closer look, it becomes evident … Continue reading

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Sedo (Grandfather) Remembering you

In the anniversary of Mother’s Day, my memory captured a person who has had a strong effect in my life, and he was my grandfather. Unfortunately, he passed away seven years ago. I remembered that the last time I met … Continue reading

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