Fattatri: Egyptian Pastry Restaurant

A quiet cool place behind brown wooden windows, Fattatri pastry restaurant maintains a sense of mystery on Rainbow Street. The restaurant’s name translates to raising questions about what this tiny pastry place now is. It certainly serves good food: pastries of thyme, tuna, cheese, turkey, chicken, and Beef. In addition, there are sweet pastries such as Nutella chocolate with nuts and fruits.
It is located on the third corner of Rainbow Street in Jabal Amman. The street-level space has two windows where the pastry chef prepares his creations. Additionally, there are another four small tables sitting outside where people can eat their treats. When you enter through the brown door, there are several small tables where patrons can sit down. Adjacent to that, there is a refrigerated display cabinet, which holds various drinks such as coke, sprite, orange coke, etc. The large picture-window doors overlooking the gourmet stores of Rainbow Street allow for people-watching.
The room is decorated with an interesting collection of antique souvenirs seemingly done by handicrafts men of Jeresh. But most of Fattartri’s visitors are not there for the food. It is the company that brings them in, the chance to sit in a cozy corner with friends, turn down the volume a bit and unwind. If you look carefully you will see couples in half-lit corners, sipping orange juice, enjoying a private moment.

The menu, which is in either Arabic or English, has a wide selection of items that will appeal to everyone. Those in the mood for a pastry could choose between tuna, chicken and turkey with cheese for JOD 3.75. A chicken pastry with olives, mushrooms and cheese is JOD 3.75. The specialty of the place is an old-fashioned boardwalk style Egyptian pastry.
Fattatri is open everyday from 11:30 am until 11:00 pm, when it opens for hours around lunchtime and dinnertime. In such a small shop, it is hardly uncommon for the line of customers to snake around the counter and spill onto the sidewalk. For instance, last month, my friends and I ordered a large traditional regular pastry covered with tomatoes, olives and mozzarella cheese for lunch and there was no line. We only paid JOD 3.25 so our first impressions were favorable. Their pastries are cheap and it is one of Rainbow Street’s best options for an eatery with character. What’s more, thanks to a friendly and efficient staff you’re sure to get your food served quickly with a smile.
Fattatri’s approach to cuisine creates real food for real people. Fattatri is a small, hidden, independent restaurant in the heart of Rainbow Street, which represents the ideal mode of life itself. It is a place to experience and enjoy the essential luxury of good eating. Not only that, it opens its arms to the public in celebration of two fundamentals: cuisine and Egyptian culture. For all those who appreciate such marvelous attributes, Fattatri is a must!


About BentRamallah

Writing is part of my resistance, Palestinian-Jordanian, working in humanitarian aid, refugee, social policy and protection. I love to cook, dance, hike, teach and practice yoga, and rescue animals.
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